Shankar S

Shankar Subramaniam

Shankar's work is more evocative than decorative. It makes you think. It exercises your imagination. It compels you to participate and join forces with the artist's imagination.

Rajen Bali
Kolkata, 1994

Shankar has displayed tremendous creativity and strong imagination in his paintings. There is a compelling drama which takes a viewer from the realm of reality to a secret message within, as the tree expresses itself.

Dr. Nanditha Krishna
Chennai, 1995

... Shankar carries his discourse on trees beyond the environmental into a man-tree drama at a more emotionally complex level, where cares and thrills, discoveries and recognitions, insights and flights of vision intermingle to invest the tree with a tenser life ...

Samik Bandyopadhyay,
Kolkata, March 1997

... Here in the midst of the revelation of the inspiring nature, the artist's subtle and refined emotions surge out. Shankar has imbibed all these refined emotions to the hilt. All his works reflect his matured psyche ...

B. Narsing Rao,
Hyderabad, February, 2002.

Shankar, an enthusiast of animation film of the digital generation then proceeded to apply the image – mixing technique of film-editing to his imagery creation on canvas. The resultant effects are the paintings, and I repeat, the paintings, he is now exhibiting.

Pranabranjan Ray
Kolkata, 2007

Shri SHANKAR is a portrait artist extraordinaire with uncanny skills of blending imagination and colours. His works emanate heart rending poetry.

Dr. S.Jayadev Babu
Chennai, 2011